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Lufthansa and back – never again

Tuesday 8 September 2009

Our trip to germany was quite busy so I didn’t get to update my blog… Not that I’ve been posting a lot lately anyway…. ;-)
We’ve met each others families and friends and all went well :)

Booking a Lufthansa flight however has been my first and will be my last time.

Traveling with their fairly modern Airbus from the US to Germany was okay even though we could tell the difference to the Air New Zealand plane we had before.

But…. Our plane back from Frankfurt to San Francisco was an old Boing 747 which lacked an on demand entertainment system in economy class (own screen in front of you) and still had the legroom of last century: ZERO.
The rows were way too close and it is annoying to feel the knees of the person behind you in your back (a five year old child in my case).
Even the seat width wasn’t wider than my shoulders – and I don’t have particulary wide shoulders to start with. The toilet areas still had ashtrays even though smoking flights are not existing anymore since the 70th.
The food was overcooked (or rather: overmicrowaved).
At least the flight attendants were friendly.
Still: I will not fly Lufthansa on long haul anymore.

There ARE better ways to fly!

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