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Motorcycle Licence

Sunday 25 April 2010

Road Rules in New Zealand don’t allow you to ride any motorbike with more than 50cc, if you just have a ‘normal’ car driver licence. (That’s the same in Germany, it’s the same almost anywhere in the world).
This means, I can’t ride Barbaras 150cc scooter (even after asking her for approval ;-) ).
In windy, hilly Wellington anything less than 150cc just isn’t any fun to ride on. So I decided to get the motorbike license.

Getting a motorcycle license over here isn’t quite the same as in Germany. There are three types of licenses: Learners, restricted & full license. Total cost is under $450.
The process takes between 9 and 12 month.

Step One: Learners license
Getting your learners license isn’t too hard. You need to pass:

  • a basic handling skill (BHS) test, in which you have to proof that you can keep your balance even at walking speed, come to a stop within a target square and stick to a given (slalom) path
  • a road rules theory test

While on a learner licence:

  • you must ride a motorcycle of up to 250cc only
  • you must not go faster than 70km/h
  • your motorcycle must display a learner (L) plate – rear only
  • you must not carry a passenger
  • you must not ride between 10pm and 5am

You have to have your learners license for at least 6 months, before you can take the test for the restricted license.

Step Two: Restricted License
While on a restricted licence:

  • You must only ride a motorcycle of up to 250cc
  • You must not ride between 10pm and 5am
  • You must not carry passengers.

Update 27.10.2010:

I’ve done my restricted licence test. Not that hard. Basically a little driving around in Wellington (mostly Mt. Vic), showing that you can do a U-turn and get around in moderate traffic. Don’t forget to check your bike before doing the test: It needs to be in road-safe condition!

Step Three: Full License
You can apply for a full licence after three to 18 months on a restricted licence. How quickly you can apply depends on your age and any approved courses you’ve taken.

To progress to a full licence you have to pass a practical test to demonstrate that you:

  • have basic riding skills
  • can recognise and respond to a range of common road hazards
  • can ride in higher speed zones

The full licence test takes about one hour in total and is made up of three parts:

  • Part 1: Basic riding (about 15 minutes).
  • Part 2: Detecting and responding to riding hazards in built-up areas (about 20 minutes).
  • Part 3: Detecting and responding to riding hazards in higher speed zones (about 10 minutes).

… to be elaborated …

Fees (as of April 2010)

Basic handling skills test varying
($41 with some official testing officers
– or cost of private provider:
I payed $120 incl. 1h warm up and handling tips)
Learner licence application fee $39.30
Learner licence test fee $39.70
Restricted licence application fee $39.30
Restricted licence test fee $48.90
Full licence application fee $44.30
Full licence test fee $70.80
Total $323.30

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