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Sebis photo blog

Brisbane, Gold Coast and Pacific Highway

Wednesday 26 January 2011

Well…. stupid Apple-Mail-Notes-MobileMe ate my blog post after typing a few pages for about 1.5 hours! :(
So for now here’s just the short list and a few pictures. A text-update might follow if I feel like it.

– eating out @ VaPiano Australia
– Surfers Paradise / Gold Coast
– Brisbane – no flooding in sight.
– Warner Brothers and SeaWorld entertainment parks, Gold Coast
– Big Banana, Coffs Harbour
– Little Holland, Coffs Harbour
– Casual sailing @ Coffs Harbour, around split island
– Picking Strawberries 364 days per year @ Riccardoes Tomatoes, Port Macquarie
– Vine tour @ Hunter Valley

We are now in Sydney.

– – – – – – – –
The flooding in Brisbane was actually highly exaggerated by the media. While there was a lot of water, a lot of damage and a lot to clean up there were actually more people unaffected than affected. My thoughts are with those who actually did have losses – may it be properties, goods or even lifes.
Many people don’t know that the city of Brisbane and the state of Queensland actually had to start a campaign (radio, TV and Internet) stating that the main touristic areas were unaffected, because even businesses that were far enough away from the flooded areas started to suffer as the tourists started to avoid the area.
We didn’t search/hunt for any affected areas but when we were in Brisbane, we only saw the odd basement or underground car-park being pumped out. There were traces of mud and you could still see where the water has been, but most of the city was back to normal.

– – – – – – – –

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