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Melbourne – Wellington • return please

Friday 18 February 2011

We’ve been back to Wellington this week.

It was fun to stay in our old flat – this time in the guest-room, as Tina – a sailing mate of Babs – moved in back in December.
It was good to catch up with everyone even though I’ve been working for the week and some of our dear friends were touring the south island and missed us by a day. I also took my full motorbike license test on Tuesday (successfully of course)!
Barbara took the chance to get her indefinite (permanent) residency visa as well as her NZ international drivers license.

We will be picking up some stuff that we left with a friend of ours (plus a new lens that I ordered to his address: 100mm/2.8L Macro) and then head of towards Adelaide tomorrow morning.

The Great Ocean Road is waiting for us. :)

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    February 20, 2011 | 05:50

    So sorry I missed you while you were here!

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