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Darwin & Litchfield National Park

Friday 25 February 2011

Our time in Darwin was brief – we just had two nights here and since it was wet season even that seemed to be too long. Nothing was going on…. ;)
We hired a car to drive to the closest National Park (Litchfield) and spent a day there. Unfortunately there was soo much water in the streams and rivers that we couldn’t even go for a swim. Infact, we had a few spots where the water was flowing over the road or walkways.
We saw giant termite mounds, some of them almost not visible because of the grass which was about 2 meters in height itself.

When pulling up at one car park we noticed that the air was especially smokey and then we heard some sizzling and cracking… Bush fires during the wet season? Apparently. There was a ranger looking at the area and he wasn’t really concerned. “That’s what we want.” he said. The fires would thin out the vegetation and it was cold enough with some rain coming, so it wouldn’t spread too wide. For us it was impressive anyway and we decided to leave the immediate area and head on to the next waterfall. :)

We will be leaving Darwin in about an hour and fly over to Bali. We are staying in Kuta for the night and head on to Gili Trawangan tomorrow. After a week on Gili T we take the boat back to Bali where we will spend another 3 days in Ubud. It’s going to be interesting to experience “Nyepi Day” – the “Day of Silence” or Balinese New Year. On this day no one is allowed to go on the streets. Actually no one is allowed to do ANYTHING. Traffic is stopped, the airport will be closed, no public transport, no TV, no nothing. The evil spirits shall be fooled into thinking that the Island was abandoned.

I don’t expect to have any internet connection, so don’t expect any updates for the next 2 weeks.


2 comments for 'Darwin & Litchfield National Park'

    February 28, 2011 | 22:00

    Hi Sebi,
    you ll have internet conncetion in Gili T. Well, at least sometimes :) Enjoy and go to BIG BUBBLE. They are awesome. Say hallo :)

    March 2, 2011 | 04:57

    Indeed. They so have Internet. Amazing…. ;)
    “Hello” from Stephanie back to you. :)

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