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After ending our stay in Maitland (near Newcastle/Hunter Valley) with a great family BBQ at our lovely Couchsurfing hosts (unfortunately you can’t read about this in detail as the MobileMe notes synchronization decided to delete my blog post), we headed straight on for Sydney to meet up with a very good friend of ours from […]

Brisbane, Gold Coast and Pacific Highway

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Well…. stupid Apple-Mail-Notes-MobileMe ate my blog post after typing a few pages for about 1.5 hours! :( So for now here’s just the short list and a few pictures. A text-update might follow if I feel like it.

Great Barrier Reef Underwater Pics

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I bought an USB card reader that actually still can read SmartMedia cards. Here are my pics:

Sailing… – or not! :(

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Last weekend we went on a 2-day “sail & snorkeling/dive the Great Barrier Reef”-cruise departing from Cairns. We originally were booked on the “Vagabond” sailing boat, which we specifically chose because it’s a sail boat and Barbara wanted to sail a bit. They promised hands-on sailing which sounded like a great opportunity for her. A […]

Melbourne (cont.)

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Our second day in Australia started with a nice walk though the southern parts of Melbourne from Elwood towards the city. We went through Acland Street (Greetings to Tom, Anna & Otto ;) ) in St. Kilda towards the beachfront. Barbara was impressed by all those bakeries, cake shops and almost german looking butcheries. From […]


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We spent the last couple of days in Auckland with our lovely “adoptive New Zealand parents”. After taking looking at the New Zealand night sky for the last time, we left Scott Road at 5am – the trip to Auckland Airport took just under an hour.

Cape Kidnappers

I’ve been in the Hawkes Bay area about 3 or 4 times since I live in New Zealand. – And I’ve never made it to Cape Kidnappers yet. :( At first I didn’t know that you could only walk to the cape at low tide. Then low tide was always at the wrong time of […]

Castlepoint Lighthouse

We went to Castlepoint last night and I spent the evening and early morning taking pictures :) Too bad though, that they switch off the light of the lighthouse at 7am!

Holiday Pictures

Here are some highlights, but I put up more photos at my web gallery: Coromandel/Christmas South Island West coast – from Nelson to Franz Josef Wanaka & Queenstown Milford Sounds East coast – from Dunedin to Christchurch Marlborough


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Babs ordered some macro filters to put in-front of a 52mm lens. I used them with my Canon EF 70-300mm. Here are some of the results. Arn’t those neat? :)