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Remember: It’s winter in Wellington :-)

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Work Visa in 2 days

(Saved in New Zealand )

Remember how stunned I was, when I got my working holiday visa in just 4 days? Well, this time, NZ immigration even topped that!

Skiing in summer! :) ..uhm winter.. uhm July! :)

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I was skiing in July! :-) Granted: Mt Ruapehu is a small ski area – at least compared to European and North American fields. There are two fields on each side of the mountain: Turoa and Whakapapa. They are not networked, though. :(

New Apartment

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I moved into a new apartment last weekend! And if I say new, I mean new! – brand-new! The construction of the building finished about two weeks ago. The owners of the apartments got their keys on May 13th and even they were not allowed to access the building before that!


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This afternoon we had one of the “bigger” ones: 4.1 Richter magnitude. At first it felt like a heavy truck passing by – everything just shook slightly. 3 Seconds later you could feel the main quake and also see the computer screens shake. Nothing scary, but still a reminder of where we live. Details. PS: […]

Living in Wellington

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I guess it’s time to admit it: I’ve been living in Wellington since January now and I’m gonna stay here. :-) I found myself a nice room where I’m flatting with two other people in the middle of the city (1 minute to Cuba Street). Now I just need to get a job…

Tuesday Night Dinners at Mike’s

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For the past few weeks, I’ve regulary been a guest at the Tuesday Night Dinner at Mike’s here in Wellington. This is a potluck dinner party, where the host ( = Mike) is setting a certain theme for the evening and whoever wants to come just shows up – bringing some food or already cooked dishes […]

Tongariro N’tl Park

Tongariro National Park has to offer quite a few interesting hikes (or tramps as they say in New Zealand) and you get spectacular views of the surrounding area – at least on a good day. ;)

Kerosene Creek

Kerosene Creek is a small river with little waterfalls and a temperature of about 40 degrees. It is located between Rotorua and Taupo near SH1 south of the turnoff of SH38 and north of Wai-O-Tapu. It’s pretty amazing to sit or slowly swim in the hot water, relaxing and feeling the pain of hiking all […]

Wai-O-Tapu Volcanic Park

Waiotapu is one of the many volcanic parks between Rotorora and Tapu. You have mud pools, hot springs, sulfor lakes, carbon terraces and volcanic vents all around. There’s also one geyser which errupts everyday punctually at 10:15am – with the help of a little organic soap… Kind of ridiculous…