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Ubud and surroundings

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Here are a few impressions of Ubud and its surroundings. We went to see some rice terraces, coffee plants, the only water temple (according to our guide) and the elephant caves – which got nothing to do with elephants. Notice that rabies dog… As much as we usually love dogs – we didn’t get close […]

Nyepi in Ubud

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Nyepi – or “Balinese New Year” aka “Day of Silence”. So what did we do today? Nothing really. Got up, had breakfast, walked around the hotel premises, took some pictures, wrote my blog (you wouldn’t have noticed, would you?), had lunch, surfed the internet. Last night therefore, we went to Ubud Central and watched the […]

Gili T from its dry side

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… if you can speak of “dry” during the wet season… Actually it wasn’t too bad. We did have massive, soaking rain falls, flooding and all that – but it’s always just for an hour or two – the rest of the day was mostly fine (still cloudy though). We were a bit surprised to […]

Underwater Gilis

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Unfortunately I couldn’t use my 7D for too many pictures underwater because the flash mount broke (NOT underwater)… So the first pictures are 7D with flash, then some 7D without and then it’s back to my 10yr-old Olympus 4040z.

Bali & Gili Trawangan

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Boarding the JetStar flight JQ81 from Darwin to Denpasar made us feel like boarding a tourist charter plane from Germany to Mallorca – or UK to Cyprus. Many of the passengers were noisy, drunk and not familiar with most of the inflight protocol/behavior. Good that we wouldn’t stay on Kuta, but were heading on to […]

Creepy Crawlies – Part III

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You didn’t think there were more? Well….

Darwin & Litchfield National Park

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Our time in Darwin was brief – we just had two nights here and since it was wet season even that seemed to be too long. Nothing was going on…. ;) We hired a car to drive to the closest National Park (Litchfield) and spent a day there. Unfortunately there was soo much water in […]

Barossa Valley & Adelaide (pics)

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Here are the pictures that I didn’t upload with my last post.

Barossa Valley & Adelaide

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I finished my last post with “The Great Ocean Road is waiting for us!” – well….. it still is! And it still will for quiet a while, because we didn’t make it: We messed up our route. Apparently our brains were on holidays (or rather one was, the other one was way too busy working), […]

Melbourne – Wellington • return please

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We’ve been back to Wellington this week. It was fun to stay in our old flat – this time in the guest-room, as Tina – a sailing mate of Babs – moved in back in December. It was good to catch up with everyone even though I’ve been working for the week and some of […]